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Our Data Packages

Here at Confianza, all of our services are offered offline to allow for minimal interruption to your businesses servers. Our data is best utilized by choosing a base and curating a specialized plan for yourself by customizing your add-ons! This ensures that you will receive the most applicable data possible.


Personal BASE

Property BASE

Vehicle Registration

MVR Derivative - Flag

MVR Derivative - Violation Detail

Address, Census & Crime Detail

Accident Report

Personal Base Add-ons:


+ Personal Credit and Financial Detail

+ Household People and Vehicles

+ Personal Emotion

+ Consumer Events

+ Personal Contact Info Details

Property Base Add-ons:

+ Property MLS

+ Property Fire Protection

+ Risk and Emergency Services

+ Property Replacement Cost Value (RCV)

+ Property Permit Count


Commercial Base

Commerical Property Base

Commercial Vehicle Registration

Commercial Base Add-ons:


+ Commercial Enhancements

+ Commercial Additional Info

+ Principals

Commercial Property Base



+ Address, Census and Crime Detail

+ Property MLS

+ Property Fire Protection

+ Risk and Emergency Services

+ Property Replacement Cost Value (RCV)

+ Property Permit Count

Add-On Services

Policy Analysis Service:

+ An offline service that examines every field in the carrier’s Property & Casualty Auto book that identifies issues of accuracy and suitability. This deep dive analysis spans all aspects of the policy covering the Primary Named Insured(s), all named drivers, and all included vehicles.

Conifanza Renewal Book Analysis:

+ An offline capability that like the Policy Analysis Service described above, performs a deep dive into the quality and performance of each policy in a carrier’s book of business. The service examines seven factors or unique aspects of the policy to quantify the premium leakage / avoidance of the policy.

Point of Sale Fraud Service Add-on:

An offline service that examines a carrier’s policies written over the most recent period and generates a complete list of defects associated with the policy. Each defect carries a unique weight which is then summed into a policy score. The score highlights both fraud in both its hard form (premeditated fraud) and soft form (purposeful premium avoidance). The model is self-scaling, as not all aspects of fraud are applicable to a carrier depending on the coverage provided to the consumer. This service is an “open book” and details every exception noted quantifying the levels of exceptions and providing guidance on how the carrier / consumer can remediate each exception.

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