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    COTERIE INSURANCE PARTNERS WITH CONFIANZA DATA & ANALYTICS TO DELIVER COMMERCIAL PROPERTY REPLACEMENT COST ESTIMATOR Partnership will drive Accurate Valuation, leveraging Transparent Model Parameters August 2023 – Confianza Inc has announced a new partnership with Coterie Insurance. The partnership will help support Coterie Insurance to instantly and accurately calculate commercial property valuations nationwide. Through this relationship, Coterie Insurance will leverage Confianza’s Property Replacement Cost calculator for quote prefill of their digital BOP applications. Confianza’s Chief Data Officer, John Petricelli, points out “times have changed and traditional factors and historical methods are no longer sufficient to calculate a good representation of the replacement cost. In contrast, Confianza’s highly transparant and flexible model includes several Inflation variables such as supply chain pressures stressing the availability and cost of common materials. The resulting prices have materially affected the efficacy of historical methods”. Current market valutions are further complicated when looking to calculate the cost of commercial properties. Different business and property-use types represent widely varying costs of repair, some mandated by local and state governments. The Confianza replacement cost calculation takes all of these (and more) into consideration. Paul Bessire, Coterie’s Chief Data Offer is quoted, “Confianza’s Scores help Coterie Insurance to avoid property under valuations & premium leakage, thru the use of their transparent model and quarterly rating factor evaluation and refresh frequency.” . For more information about Confianza, visit For more information about Coterie Insurance, visit About Confianza Confianza is an innovative data solutions company providing instantaneous, comprehensive information via a powerful API and integration platform, empowering Carriers, MGAs and Brokers with comprehensive data & prescriptive analytics. Based in Florida, with offices in the Atlanta and Washington DC Metros, Confianza serves the needs of insurance & Financial Service professionals throughout the country with a fully integrated database of America of more than 260M individuals, 150M households and 50M businesses encompassing more than 2,300 attributes. Data attributes also cover approximately 200M properties with additional insights about non-human perils, risk and crime. For more information about Confianza visit About Coterie Insurance Coterie Insurance is revolutionizing small business insurance by enabling instant coverage. By sourcing publicly available data, Coterie’s technology employs digital underwriting to enable a transparent and accurate quoting and binding process. Coterie arms agents, brokers, and partners with cutting-edge tools to get small businesses the coverage they need. With the most expansive appetite on the market, Coterie is dedicated to seeing the small businesses of today succeed. For more information about Coterie Insurance and the digital transformation of small business insurance, go to

  • 115th MAMAC at The Greenbrier

    Last weekend, our Revenue Officer, Mark Hatfield, and Vice President of Sales, Jose Loera, made a trip to White Sulphur, West Virginia, to attend the 115th Mid-Atlantic Mutual Advantage Convention, hosted by the Pennsylvania Association of Mutual Insurance Companies. The three-day event included educational and motivating speakers who discussed topics such as evolving with the challenges that businesses are facing since Covid, tracking trends in the industry, and pushing forward through adversity. The Confianza team was featured in the exhibit hall where Mark and Jose presented our fresh new look at booth 8, reconnecting with old friends as well as creating new connections. With their endless energy, the duo was able to reach the mutual insurance community; a demographic Confianza had only previously dipped their toes in. Of course, for some, the event was more of a reunion, where they brought their significant others and children along to experience the luxury that the Greenbrier has to offer. Deemed America’s Resort, the Greenbrier has something for the entire family with outdoor activities, a spa, shopping, golf course, casino, and more. The first guests arrived in 1778 to a simpler layout of only cottages, hoping the water of the White Sulphur Spring would improve their health. It gained more traction in the 1800s and began hosting a more prestigious crowd from politicians, judges, and lawyers, to clergyman, diplomats, and merchants. At 2,000-feet above sea level, it provides respite from the hot summer days. It wasn’t always a fun and relaxing atmosphere at the Greenbrier though. During the Civil War, the resort closed and both sides used it as either a hospital or a military base. In 1942, the U.S. Army purchased the property and created the Ashford General Hospital, with 2,000 beds, admitting 24,148 soldiers over the course of four years. Finally, in 1948, the Greenbrier reopened and reclaimed its reputation as America’s Resort. Sometime in the 1950s, the U.S. government looked to the resort once more, in need of an Emergency Relocation Center, or bunker, for Congress to flee to in case of war. They began construction on the West Virginia Wing, while secretly building the underground bomb shelter below. They kept the location hidden from the public for thirty years, codenaming it Project Greek Island and maintaining its operational readiness. In 1992 however, word got out of the bunkers location and the project was declassified. Visitors can explore the narrow halls of the underground shelter today. The Greenbrier has earned its title as a National Historic Landmark, and we look forward to attending more events there in the future. Check out our Gallery for more pictures!

  • Confianza Completes SOC2 Audit

    "It's unusual for a startup company to make SOC2 an early priority" - David Young, CTO at Confianza Today, Confianza Inc., a datatech company that uses advanced analytics to curate leading edge entity and attribute resolution, announced that it has successfully completed the SOC2 audit, demonstrating it meets rigorous cyber security standards. SOC2 Report is a security framework developed by the American Institute of CPAs to assess a company’s level of risk from cyber threats. Independent auditors first evaluate the quality of cybersecurity policies, procedures, and controls. They then verify whether these guidelines are actually being followed, thus producing the results of the SOC2 Report. This is not a one-time initiative, and a company must work continually to stay in compliance with SOC2. To read a summary of Confianza’s SOC2 findings and cyber security standard, please contact us here.

  • Congratulating our CEO on 2 years at Confianza!

    For our first-ever blog post, we'd like to thank and congratulate Jeffrey Glazer for 2 years of leadership as CEO of Confianza! Jeffrey has been a part of the insurance industry for over 45 years, and with that comes a myriad of connections. Introducing the insurance data version of “Bacon’s Law.” Jeffrey Glazer has been a fixture in the insurance industry for over 45 years, leading companies that provide data and technology services across the industry. With his history, it’s clear Jeffrey is prime to be the center of the insurance data “Bacon’s Law” game. His work history is shown on his profile, Jeffrey Glazer. For background on Bacon’s Law (for the nerds in the group). Head to our LinkedIn to join us in posting our connections to post your degree of separation from “working with Jeffrey.”

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